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Universal Investigation Services (UIS) provides legal research and investigative services to law firms, government agencies, medical facilities, insurance companies, businesses, and individuals throughout New Mexico and nationwide.

Lawyers – Litigation Support

Our investigators obtain witness statements, investigate accidents, provide surveillance, and perform all manner of investigative services that today’s courtroom litigators require to prosecute or defend their case. Our reports and findings are prepared in a format for use in the courtroom and other legal proceedings, and our investigators have many years of successful experience serving as expert witnesses on the stand.

Employers – Background Investigations

Finding out information about a prospective employee is not as simple as picking up the phone and calling the previous employer. Employers these days offer little information beyond the confirmation of previous employment, a practice that shields them from legal liability. Not obtaining additional information about a potential employee increases the likelihood of hiring a dangerous or unqualified employee. At UIS, our employment background investigation services can uncover important information regarding an applicant’s competence, honesty, trustworthiness, and other qualities your company cannot afford to be without. Our firm specializes in employment background research in the finance industry and the medical industry. We have varying levels and prices of employment background investigations, and we can customize the research to fit your specific field or industry.

Employer/Employee Relations – Internal Investigations

Nothing can cause more strife in the workplace than a problem employee. Sexual harassment, hostile work environments, and discriminatory allegations are just some of the problems today’s business owner/managers must contend with. We have conducted hundreds of internal workplace investigations for private sector and governmental agencies. We have conducted internal affairs investigations for police departments and private businesses. We provide our clients with useful conclusions and recommendations to solve these issues, so everyone can get back to being productive. The old saying “the manager spends 90% of his/her time supervising 10% of their workforce” is something we can help change.

Businesses – Commercial and Industrial Fraud Investigations

Far from being a victimless crime, perpetrators of fraud cost American companies over half a trillion dollars in direct losses each year, not to mention other costs caused by fraud which ripple throughout the company before spreading out and touching every facet of the economy. We can help uncover insurance, and corporate fraud, embezzlement, and other illegal practices which threaten your business.

Insurance Companies – Claims Adjuster Services

Put our experience to work in evaluating your claim. From investigations and accident reconstructions, to property and casualty adjusting, our professional investigators have the knowledge, skills, and training, backed by years of practice in the field, to provide an objective assessment of the facts surrounding any accident, loss, or other claim.

Doctors, Hospitals, Medical Providers

Our investigations in medical malpractice defense have saved our clients millions by providing information which allows for truthful, accurate valuations of claims. Without adequate information, medical providers and their insurance companies may be inclined to settle an otherwise meritless or frivolous claim.

Individuals – General Investigations

Our qualified investigators can help you by conducting asset searches or assisting in locating people anywhere they may be. Your need may arise from a probate or other proceeding involving a will, civil lawsuit, or more personal reason. The investigators at UIS understand the importance of confidentially, and will devote personal attention to your matter to provide you with results in a timely manner.

Whether you are an individual, small business, large corporation, or governmental entity, UIS can assist you with a wide range of investigative services. To find out how we can help you and your organization, contact Universal Investigation Services today.

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Universal Investigation Services is located in Albuquerque NM and serves clients throughout New Mexico, including in and around Kirtland AFB, Cedar Crest, Albuquerque, Sandia Park, Isleta, Algodones, Rio Rancho, Tijeras, Edgewood, Bosque Farms, Peralta, Bernalillo County, Sandoval County and Valencia County.

Universal Investigation Services

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